Web2Mail V3.0 Demo

Please note, this is a demonstration of the CJ Web2Mail V3.0 script.  The form below that you may be about to test will not actually send email.  You can imagine the stress this would have on the server if 100+ webmasters a day tested this script!  The demo works exactly how it should apart from actually sending the mail.  To demonstrate what is sent, click the "View Examples" link at the bottom of the thank you page - cheers, CJ

You may have noticed that a header and footer has always been displayed throughout the demo, even when you make an error on the form and when the form is sent. This is because the form is actually included into the page, the form on its own is here as you can see, it looks better when included. The installation guide tells you exactly what to do if you wish to include the form : )
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