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  Javascript Shoppingcart  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 688

This is a shoppingcart fully implemented with Javascript. Items can be sorted by anything the user wants (name, price, amount of items ordered e.g.). Support for multiple currencies is implemented (the user can choose runtime). The amount of items ordered can of course be altered. This cart is meant to be used together with a ASP or PHP server, which should generate the correct links, and it should be able to receive the order. The .zip file includes the demo. The latest version has been translated to english, and includes some documentation. CSS is also used now, but can easily be removed. Still, this demo does work with Netscape 4 and IE 5.0.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 10/17/04<-- click
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  NOP free cart  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 685

Have you ever wanted to put up a simple store front, but not had CGI access to do it, or wish to lower your server overhead? Then this free JavaScript shopping cart is exactly what you need. Every browser supports JavaScript these days, and with the use of NOSCRIPT tags, those very few who have turned it off are alerted to re-enable it during the duration of their shopping experience. Also features the ability to have your products on many pages -- you do not have to have all of your products on one page, like so many of the other solutions. All that is required is pasting in the source code on every page that you can purchase products from, and on the final checkout page.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 10/17/04            
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