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  CJ Ad Rotator V1.0  Seller: freebieNumber of sells: 734

The CJ Ad Rotator is probably the most easiest to install Ad Manager on the web! All you've got to do is upload a list of all your advert codes in a list. That's pretty much it! Link to the script using a php include and your away. The script changes which advert will be viewed next making sure that all your adverts get equal viewing (its not random!). The script requires the page to be refreshed to change the advert seen. The script comes with no advertising but a link back would be appreciated.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/21/04<-- click
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  Random Popup  Seller: freebieNumber of sells: 729

Random Popup is an easy to use tool that allows you to implement a random popup into pages on your web site. Just include a snippet of code and everytime you add a url into the database it will be included in the cycle.

Revision History:
- v1.1 : 09/28/2003
- v1.0 : 08/18/2003

- PHP 4

Installation instructions are included in the readme.txt file that accompanies the zip file you download for this script. You may open it with any text editor.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/22/04            
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  PPC (Pay Per Click)  Seller: ddNumber of sells: 666

Search Engine
PHP and MySQL Database Driven
Can handle thousands of listings per keyword. That's more than enough ( has an average of 40 listings per keyword).
Web sites bid money to get listed, and they only pay every time someone clicks through to their site from your search.
Only daily unique clicks are counted (to prevent fake clicking).
Clicks are counted, the site is charged according to how much they bid, and the visitor is redirected to that site instantly.
Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, and if they have enough money in their accounts.
Displays the current most searched for keywords
Displays banner ads for member bidding.
Member Admin

Main page with account balance update.
Manage Listings, where members can add/edit/delete search listings and change their bids.
Info and password changing page.
Advanced stats which are updated instantly.
Link to instructions on how to make payments and add funds to their accounts.
Special mass-submission form for people to submit multiple submissions at once.
Lost password lookup tool.
Bid on keywords for banner space.
Webmaster Admin

Login panel showing:
Number of all members
Number of blocked members
Number of all clicks
Number of banners clicks
Today banners clicks
Today clicks
Average clicks per day
Number of banners shown
Total money collected3
Today money collected
Average money per day
System Settings to set:
Accept bids automaticaly:
Allow special search to members
Allow PayPal IPN
Allow Revenue Pilot feeds
Allow SearchFeed feeds
Allow Raging feeds
Allow MSN feeds
Allow feeds
Your Pay Pal Account e-mail
Sign up bonus
Minimal bid
Minimal bid on "no matches"
Minimal balance
Cost of affiliates searches
Cost of affiliates clicks
Currency symbol
Number of Popular Searches to Display
Number of Searches to Displayed per page
Admin page lets you approve/deny submissions, view detailed info about members, and add/subtract money from their accounts.
Admin area shows each member's bid listings.
Admin can add credits to members.
Filter Keywords
Add Categories
Create Low Level accounts
Database Functions:
Backup DB
Restore DB
Generate stats report
Clear Search Log
Affiliate Program

Affiliate program: Set up to pay for affiliates searches or affiliates clicks.

Affiliate earnings' summary for each month available in the admin section.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/22/04<-- click
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  TEXT LINK EXCHANGE WEBSITE  Seller: ddNumber of sells: 664


PHP and MySQL Database Driven Script
Totally automated sign-up and code generation software. Members simply choose their username and password, indicate which the text they want to use, choose the categories to be placed in and copy html code for the text link exchange and place the code on their website.
Automated stats program for webmaster of the text exchange as well as individual stats for exchange members. See how many exposures the links have had, clicks per account and credits earned.
Webmaster receives link placement for affiliate sites or other websites in a top frame of all click throughs.
Upload as many sponsors that you want into the rotation. Give them the ability to track their stats.
The ability to approve or reject accounts before restricted content goes into the network.
Automatic assignment of free credits for new users
Simple administration with password protection.
Members can purchase additional credits through PayPal and are automatically applied.
2 display types for java pop up links or embedded links

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/23/04<-- click
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  adrotator.  Seller: melindaNumber of sells: 735

A php scipt that allows you to roate ads.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 7/11/04<-- click
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  InfoWizards Reciprocal Link Systems  Seller: ddNumber of sells: 731

InfoWizards Reciprocal Link Systems Ver.1.2 is here! This reciprocal management tool and link exchange software now includes: an admin to edit/add/delete categories & listings, static HTML page generator, checks for reciprocal links, email members for recip, option to suspend OR delete listings, Alexa ratings, view and post comments for listings, rating system with anit-fraud, visitor link request form and admin, and much more!

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 7/24/04<-- click
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  Ikon Banner Manager  Seller: Mr. WebsitesNumber of sells: 731

Ikon Banner Manager is a powerful script to run an advertising banner system in your website. Script displays banners using a custom JavaScript script. So you may put your banner ads in all typed pages eg. (JSP, CFML, HTML .. etc.). All impressions stores in a log. You may run custom reports for each banner and for date.

Platform(s): WindowsDate submitted: 8/11/04            
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  phpAdManager  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 730

A handy, easy to use tool for managing the banner ads shown on your site. Uses a MySQL database for data storage. Features include, complete control over each banner, password protected admin area and full statistics. Supports both graphic and html based ads.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 10/18/04<-- click
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  Adzor Banner Exchange  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 729

A banner exchange script supporting paid banners which expire after a set number of clicks or views, user-definable ratios, easy newsletter creation/mailing, referral credits and more!

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 10/18/04            
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  tectraxxexchange  Seller: melNumber of sells: 733

Banner Exchange , and a great script to have for your site.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 8/11/04<-- click
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