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  Best Dating script  Seller: ddNumber of sells: 664

This script is one of the better dating scripts. It is fully working and was professional programmed by several people.
I am selling this at a discounted price!
Also, check out the demo once an admin has set it up! Fully developed website utilizing PHP and MySQL. Members area with: Instant Messaging Greetings Sender Who's Online Feature Matchmaker Member's Search Buddy List Update Profile Add Pictures Email verification of new members. Upgraded memberships with PayPal auto-renewal monthly billing. Admin area for: Emailing members Viewing members Deleting members Banning IPs Upgrading memberships

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  Personal Ads  Seller: ddNumber of sells: 664

The personals website allows visitors to search and post personal ads. The ads are detailed with descriptions, photos, personal information and contact forms.

People can also list for a fee. After someone has registered, he/she is able to select and buy a package depending on the exposure they would like and for the length of time they would like to be listed. Payment can be done via PayPal and registration is automated. The person will receive a few emails - 10 days before his account will expire, 5 days, 1 day. 24 hours after his account expiration date, his listing and his account will be deleted automatically. Detailed statistics are provided for each of them.

Siteadmin panel:
1. Admin can add/edit/delete listings
2. Admin can add/edit/delete unlimited categories
3. Admin can add/edit/delete/approve members
4. Mailing list manager - send emails, delete subscribers, message archive
5. Banner manager - view/delete banners
6. Manage the site settings - title, keywords, description, paypal email, Contact email, company address, agreement, add/edit/delete different priorities and prices.
7. Admin info - change username, password, name, email

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  tectraxxdatemanager  Seller: melNumber of sells: 736

tectraxxdatemanager is Date manager, and a great script to have for your site.

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  tectraxxratemypic.  Seller: melNumber of sells: 735

Very cute rating script.

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  World Best Dating Site PHP Script  Seller: onlyaddNumber of sells: 664

Benefits You Get:

- You will own your script, unlike with other Dating scripts available.
- Lowest priced paid email site you can find!


- More that 34 field types for each user
- Multilanguage, easy to add new
- Very customizable (Can add new genders (man, woman, couple), categories (seeking man, seeking woman and more), marital statuses, edit countries list and more other)
- Working on templates (header, footer, configuration file)
- Show last N registered users
- Show TOTAL registered users
- Quick search, Search (by ID, Mark of the zodiac, age, gender, category, country, sort by many parameters)
- Users can add, edit, remove profiles, write to another users to email using mailform (email don`t show)
- Feedback with webmaster
- 3 photo allow to upload (admin can set Pictures max size)
- Several registering mode (allow all, allow after email confirm, allow after admin check, allow after email confirm and after admin check)
- Admin can configure script (Use 1 or more languages, automatically detect user language as, change template name, change some fields length (as FirstName [4-16], LastName [5-20] and more), can set require fields for register, can set which information don`t show on user profile, can set what can do guest and member, and more)
- Detect how many users, and guests online
- And more another small features...
- Can login by ID or email
- Agreement in register
- Easy installation
- Runs on any hosting account with just MySQL support!
- Anyone can use it; from newbies to internet guru's!
- And More ...

Online Live Demo @

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