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  Google Output Clone  Seller: csmaster2005Number of sells: 664

This script is a semi clone of google.
This is the basic setup.
There is a textbox, you specify the search you want to perform.
Once submitted, the search is done and alll the results are queried from google and printed.
This script is VERY easy to modify because it doesn't simply print what google provides, but rather seperates them each into their own variable.
This script can be easily modified for any google-result related need. An example would be for adding google results to a PPC site or something of that nature.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/18/04<-- click
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  CJ GoogleBot Activity V1.0  Seller: freebieNumber of sells: 738

The CJ GoogleBot Activity script is included on any of your web pages (works best for database driven or dynamic websites). The included script will execute whenever GoogleBot is on the prowl. When GoogleBot crawls the page it is logged; the date, robot, crawler and page crawled. You can then view your log file via an admin interface which allows you to sort the log either in ascending or descending order, export the log; to a 'textarea' (ready for cut and paste), clear the log; which required an admin password, and of course browse the log; from page to page. This script is a must have for any web designer out there that is trying to market their site with Google in the best way possible.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/21/04            
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  Spider Log  Seller: freebieNumber of sells: 731

Did you ever wonder what Search Engines were spidering your pages? This script tracks several spiders and logs thier actions to a mysql database.

Revision History:
- v1.1 : 09/28/2003
- v1.0 : 08/19/2003

- PHP 4

Installation instructions are included in the readme.txt file that accompanies the zip file you download for this script. You may open it with any text editor.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/22/04            
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  Know if being crawled  Seller: freebieNumber of sells: 666

this is a php script that will let you know when a search engine is crawling your site!

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 6/22/04            
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  tectraxxsearch  Seller: melNumber of sells: 734

Search Script.

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 8/11/04<-- click
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  Stealth Cloaker  Seller: MikeNumber of sells: 729

STEALTH CLOAKER is easiest to install if you install it into
your main directory. You will also get better rankings on
search engines using this method. If your server allows
you to execute scripts in your home directory, install
STEALTH CLOAKER there. Otherwise, you may install STEALTH CLOAKER in
another directory you create, or your cgi-bin. These
instructions assume you can execute scripts in your home

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 8/13/04            
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  Traffic PHP  Seller: MikeNumber of sells: 736

This is the *greatest* Traffic script you will find! It submits your site to all the big and small search engines gaurentied to boost your traffic!!

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 8/13/04<-- click
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  The Search Engine Project (TSEP)  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 727

TSEP is a search engine for a website - for your website! You can put a
"Search this site" anywhere on your website and let people quickly find
what they are looking for.
- It supports (MySQL-) boolean search terms if you have a MySQL version of
4 or higher.
- TSEP is designed to be very easy to install and use.
- TSEP can be implemented into your layout (there is also a pre-made
search page available) With only two lines of code you can add TSEP to
your website and into your layout!
- TSEP uses CSS for formating. You should be able to adjust any color,
font, anything of the look to your needs.
- TSEP is localized! This means if you are running a website in the
english language you will probably want to show the search page as well in
english - you can do this with TSEP very easy. If you are running a
website in german you can see the TSEP messages in german. French,
Spanish, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Russian ... ? None of those should be a
problem for TSEP.
- logging
- Indexing profiles

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 10/20/04<-- click
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   PHP Google PageRank Calculator  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 731

This simple and easy-to-use script finds the Google Page Rank for any URL by calculating the checksum and requesting the PR from Google's servers. This script is 100% free.

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  JADE: Just Another Directory Engine  Seller: jacobsdNumber of sells: 734

Jade is a Directory and Search Engine application, it is simple and easy to use.
It works with templates for make easy your changes to the look and feel of your directory.
Require PHP and MySQL (ver 4.0.1 and up for advanced Boolean searches).

Another feature of the application is that it can run in

Platform(s): AllDate submitted: 10/20/04            
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